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SPT Global Garden for Peace:

planting seeds for peace in the world

by Stephanie Rey & Anna Maggi,

this project is part of the Presencing Insitute’s “Global Forum Transforming Society & Self 2022” Audio Garden.

Welcome to an embodied visual and sensing journey practice in service to peace in the world.
Guided by your body in the silence of your heart, you will release, plant and activate your seeds for peace in our collective global garden as our agency to accelerate our impact towards peace in the world.

This practice is the continuation of our global SPT community practice in service to peace by embodying peace while connecting to the global social field since the war started in Ukraine. 

world social forum 2022_Visual Sensing

This Visual Sensing artwork results from our last practice within the social field of the World Social Forum 2022. It expresses visually the subtle state of the global social field that we will use to start this sensing journey before we open it to the whole world as we all around the world embody peace in this journey.

Click below to access the audio track and start the journey!

*for the audio transcriptions scroll down the page.

Plant your seeds in the Global Garden for Peace

Please join in planting your seeds in a collective “Garden for Peace” by sharing here below all your seeds in words, images, poems, artworks that emerged during your embodied sensing journey.

By the end of the global forum, we will share back with all of you the collective seeds we planted together in our collective “global Garden for Peace” as our way to activate them and accelerate peace spreading in the world.

Please send your artworks to Stephanie:

12 + 5 =

Who we are

Stéphanie Rey

Impact Co-Leader 5.O, holding space within global collectives of diverse co-leaders in service to the whole to thrive together during social transition by cultivating a healthy social soil fertile to high results, social peace & sustainability. 


Anna Maggi

Visual facilitator, embodiment practitioner and communication designer. Founder of Visual Sensing an aesthetic-embodied method to allow unexpressed body wisdom to become visible through artistic creations.

Audio Garden Transcription

Welcome to our embodied, visual and sensing journey in service to peace in the world.

I am Stephanie, I will co-guide you on a journey of connecting to our global field, practicing stuck in order to release, plant and activate the seeds for peace in our global garden for peace. This is our agency to accelerate peace impact in the world.

Hello I am Anna, you will be visually guided in this journey by the Visual Sensing artwork I made. This artwork is the result of my visual facilitation during an SPT session about Embodying Peace that took place in the context of the World Social Forum 2022.

Before we start our journey to peace, let’s get ready:
First we invite you to access the Visual Sensing artwork from your device (computer tablet or also smartphone) by clicking on the link that you can find in the audio garden description or accessing directly the webpage at this address:
Set it to be visible on your device in a way that you can see the image while listening and moving your body freely.
if you’re unable to access or see the Visual Sensing artwork, that’s ok as I will speak through it, and you can also just imagine.

You might also consider having a pen and paper near by you to journal.
Don’t hesitate to pause the audio when you need to write.
Now you may pause the recording until you are set up.

Set to go? Let’s go for it.
So start by seating comfortably or standing up comfortably
Follow your body knowing
Now is time to let go your rational mind by opening your mind
Open your heart
Open your will
And connect to your body
For now and the rest of the practice, be present to your whole body with love gratitude as it will guide you on this journey to peace
Now sense your back, sense your feet on the ground, sense the earth beneath the feet, sense your head, and the sky above your head
Connect to your heart where the ground and the sky meet
With your heart open and activated, connect to your loved ones, connect to you community, to humanity, to nature, to Gaia
Connect to all with the wish to be in service to peace
And let your body guide you however it wants to move or not move
There is no right or wrong
There is no search for a solution
Let’s lean in our body wisdom
And witness it as it emerges through the movements

We will start now the journey with the Visual Sensing artwork in front of you or just present in your imagination.
I invite you now to look at the artwork while always letting your body move if your body is called to move.
This painting represents the World Social Forum field where we practiced embodying peace and now together we will broaden it to the whole world, with you embodying peace in today’s practice.
Open your eyes and glance around the painting
Or open your inner eye and glance around your inner painting
Connect to the artwork with your heart and let your body answer by moving to the following questions?
Can you see?

the teary face of a clown
the chaos
an astronaut in a white suit
heart beating for the world.
a fish looking for its way
space full of light.
the yellow moon
a blue bouquet growing
a shining golden sun
the water flowing
The core connected, activated, vibrating, Pulsing throughout all the field

What other elements can you see?
How do they connect?
How do they not connect?
Where do they cocreate?
Where are they in conflict?
What other relationships do you see?
What is opening up?

You are welcome now to stop the recording and journal, noting down your answers to the questions that are resonating with you.
If you like you can also take a moment to search for an embodied answer to those questions, following your body impulse, following what your body wants to tell you.

Now please close your eyes
And let your body move as you Imagine with your inner eye your own painting of your social field and the society in peace
What would it look like?
What would this peaceful society feel like?
What stands between you and this peaceful society?
No need for words, Let your body answer
Let your body show you what this society stuck looks like
As you let your body move, remember that stuck is not a problem,
Remember that Stuck is not you
And stuck is an invitation to learn today in service to peace
So let your body find this shape of the stuck in service to peace
Follow the movement until your body finds stillness
If your body is now still, please witness it
Sense into it
Where are your feet in this shape?
Where is your back?
What do you notice your arms want to do?
Where is the heaviness?
Where is the lightness?
Be present to all that is there for you
And express out loud or in your heart:
I see…..
I sense….
I feel…..
What words or images are emerging for you as you stand in this shape?

Now remember that stuck is not sustainable and it knows what to do next
Yes it holds the seeds of change within itself
So let your body follow freely its impulse, its call to move
As your body is now moving, evolving you are releasing this seed and letting emerge the highest future potential
So continue following your body movements until it becomes still again
As your body shape becomes still, witness it
Sense into it
What does the shape feel like?
What is your body telling you?
What is emerging in your heart?
What words of wisdom for peace are emerging for you?
What seeds for action for peace are emerging?

What a beautiful harvest of seeds for peace
Now let go the shape
Release your body from the sculpture
You can shake your body
You can reconnect to the ground, to your surroundings, to the noises around you

But as you can listen to all the wisdom, all the inspiration, all the seeds that have emerged through your journey, you can take some time now to journal, doodle, paint about your journey.
So let your pencils guide you and capture the seeds for peace that have emerged after this audiogarden or by putting it on pause.

Thank you
Thank you from the bottom of our heart for having taken this embodied visual sensing journey with us in service to peace in the world.
We would really really really love to hear from you and your seeds.
So please join us to plant your seeds in our “Global Garden for Peace” by sharing with us your words of wisdom, poems, drawings, paintings that have emerged during your sensing journey. But also actions that you felt inspired to take in service to peace following this journey… or signs that peace is in motion around and in the field.
You can do so by filling in the text boxes you will find by scrolling down below the Visual Sensing artwork, in the webpage. The link is always the same:

By the end of the global forum, we will share back with all of you the collective seeds that we planted in the “global Garden for Peace” as our way to cultivate a fertile soil for all the seeds to bloom.

So again thank you so much from both of us for planting your embodied seeds for peace in our global garden for peace as our contribution to accelerate peace in the world.

Ciao, Ciao